Let’s listen to what’s our guests review

9 April 2018

“This event space is absolutely stunning! White walls and sleek furnishings make the place totally Instagram-able. Plus, the lighting is on point too, sets the mood for a little romantic vibe. Another plus point, it’s chic and super affordable for making any event look good. Kudos to Kimberly and her team! Will definitely come back for future events.”

  • R
  • Ray Chel
8 April 2018

“A great place to host events…just celebrated my dad’s birthday party and we were very happy with the space, facilities and audio visuals offered. Also kudos to the team for their warm presence throughout the night to offer any help when needed. Definitely recommended!”

  • B
  • Benedict Francis
22 March 2018

“Cosy and warm! Elaine and her team really tried their best to make sure we had the best experience there!”

  • W
  • Waheeda Hasbullah
22 January 2018

“Cosy environment with good open spaces for activities/separate sessions.Thumbs up for all facilities and services provided.Thank you very much for all the helps given by the staffs during event likewise..
Looking forward to work with Get Space in the future!”

  • E
  • Ee Ling
We’re proud and honored to have received all the positive comments!
3 January 2018

“Bright, spacious, good facilities and wifi. We ordered food thru Get Space, too and it was delicious. The staff are very helpful and stay throughout incase of any problems. All our participants (about 40 of them) all really enjoyed the venue. A comfy venue and good food helps create the positive energy you want when organising an event. Thanks Get Space!”

  • C
  • Christa Kremer
3 January 2018

“Customer service is without a doubt top class, kudos to the GetSpace team for their efforts and assistance during the event even if we didn’t ask for it. Facilities were clean and they provided all the chairs and tables. Not to mention a handy fridge too.”

  • A
  • Andy Kow