How To Choose A Venue Best Fits Your Event?12 September 2019

How To Choose A Venue Best Fits Your Event?

Organizing an event can be an extremely exciting project to take on although it can provide a certain degree of stress at the beginning. Here’s a checklist that can help and give you direction in choosing the best possible venue for your event.



The venue you choose must have enough space to accommodate the type of event you are planning. The seating arrangements style can be various for your audience, e.g.: u-shape, theatre, classroom or banquet. So, what kind of table setup do you need? Do you need extra space for food catering line, photobooth, or activities? 

In addition to considering these questions, one of the top venue planning question to ask yourself is the number of guests and rsvp! If you are unsure about the venue space capacity, you may get advice from the venue person in charge.



When planning an event, there is one universal goal – it is to ensure everyone is having a fantastic time. Except for professional event planners, accommodating accessibility is more of an afterthought in an event planning (or not even thought at all). 

For drivers, they would want to know where is the nearest car park spaces in close proximity to the venue. Basement car park with ample parking available conveniently under the venue is a plus point! 

However, for non-drivers, it is good to check if there is any public transport that are accessible to the venue. To save your guests’ time, it’s also a great idea to provide instructions around and details before your event.


Event Date / Availability

Check your calendar as timing will influence many decisions. The date of your event is the next limiting factor to decide after your guest list because the clock is ticking! 

You should begin venue planning knowing where you and your guests are flexible. Once you have a list of venue options, check the date and time availability with the venue so that you do not miss out your booking.


Building an Event Agenda

Let’s start simple. A theme. A plan. A goal. Set an objective and purpose from the beginning of your event planning. Event management planning process is the first key step. Take the time to plan your event agenda and details. Then, align the agenda with your event theme, event duration and overall purposes.


Schedule a Visit

Pictures and videos can be extremely helpful too. In fact, you can ask for a tour of the event venue including everything from the location to the parking and the event space to the bathrooms. You will be glad you did!


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